Personal Marketing

Personal Marketing is essential to your career success

Google is the most powerful company on the Internet. And right now it may be sabotaging your job hunting efforts.

In this FREE course you will discover exactly how to make Google work for you instead of sabotaging you.

Personal Marketing

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You will discover how to use Google to help you land that job you have always dreamed about.

Right now employers are Googling your name and finding nothing that makes them want to interview you or hire you.

But this FREE Course will show you exactly what you need to do to change all that.

Personal Marketing is essential to your career. It is not longer enough to blast out your CV in response to a bunch of job adverts. You need to be much smarter than that.

It’s not enough to be good at your job. You have to convince employers that you are the person they should hire.

What Will Your Next Employer Read About You When They Google You?

Discover how to get job offers using the Internet.

What is Personal Marketing?

Personal Marketing Agent will show you how to ensure that when your next employer Google’s you, they reach for the phone because they love what they find.

The World Has Changed

The last few years have seen a huge change in human behavior, particularly when it comes to how we find out about the people we deal with.

A few years ago if a potential employer wanted to know about you, they;

  • looked at your CV
  • wrote to your referees
  • interviewed you

Employers no longer trust CVs. They no longer have the time to even email your referees. They have 400 applications and need to decide who to interview as they will not interview everyone.

Employers are looking for alternatives. Google provides them with those alternatives.

Employers are like you and me in that they want quick, easy and instant answers.

Where do you go when you are looking for something?

You go to Google of course, like billions of other people. Google has changed our behavior in a significant way. Google has changed recruitment, which is why you need Personal Marketing .

Personal Marketing is simply about getting found when your next employers looks you up. And it’s about ensuring they like what they see so much that they make you a job offer.

What happens when an employer Googles you? What do they find? What does it matter?

There are several scenarios possible;

  1. They find nothing
  2. They find something but it doesn’t help them with their decision
  3. They find something and it helps them eliminate you
  4. They find something and it delights them and makes them want to hire you

You may decide just to go “old school” and stay offline. While it is an option, it’s not a very good option. You see if they find nothing then alarm bells go off. It’s increasingly unusual to find nothing on Google.

When they find something innocuous about you it really doesn’t make them want to email you. It hasn’t helped your case.

Alternatively they find something and it’s not the kind of thing you would have wanted to show them at your interview, so it’s not likely to land you a job offer.

Don’t loose out on your next job because you failed when you were Googled. Use it to your advantage. Make it work for you not against you.


Marketing is often misunderstood. It is often confused with “promotion” and “sales”, when in actual fact these are only two aspects of marketing.

In business we accept that marketing is essential. Well you must consider your career as your business. You are in business whether you realize it or not and if you apply some of the successful practices that every business does then you may also enjoy more success.

In Business, marketing is essential. A personal marketing plan is essential. You need a plan. Marketing is about people. Think like a business.

Building your brand online.

Personal Marketing Agent will help you build your online brand so that when employers search for you, they find you and they like what they see.

There are ten search results that appear on page 1 of Google, so you not only have to compete with everyone else for those ten places, you actually want to occupy most of them.

It’s not enough to squeeze in at No 10. If you happen to dominate page 1 of Google then it sends a signal out to your potential employer that you are a serious player. Having Google love is credibility.

Employers are looking for reassurance, so when they see you have a lot of presence on Google then they believe you to be authentic. It gives them great comfort.

Positive Information

Your career development and life strategy, needs brand development. As any trainer will tell you, it is essential potential employers see positive information. Brands have been doing this for years.

Training yourself to build your brand and run campaigns is essential to your growth. It’s enough to be good at your job. You have to be good at marketing too. You need to think of it as growing your business and employers as clients. Be commercial. You want employers to email you.

  • Include products descriptions
  • Learn to network
  • Discover what employer value
  • Express your attitude

Businesses contact you when they like your content. It’s what you do if you are contracting a contractor.

In the course you will learn how to get the right message to the market and how to be unique. It’s like a business marketing plan – a life strategy.

With your personal marketing trainer you will be learning to attract companies, control your career and create referrals