What is Personal Marketing?

Categories: Personal Marketing | Posted on Dec 15, 2012

So what is Personal Marketing?

Well it is your key to better and better job offers.

What do you do when you are looking for something?

You go to Google.

Employers do the same.

Personal Marketing ensures that potential employers find you and like what they see.

Answer to the question : what is personal marketing?

Martin Gibbons, personal marketing, what is personal marketingPersonal Marketing makes the employers decision to hire you, an easy one. When you do this properly you make life easier for the employer and get more job offers.

Marketing is more than promotion. This is where most of the career advice falls down. Promotion in isolation of a proper marketing plan can be counter productive. You need to pin down your entire marketing mix.

Promotion without a marketing plan is simply spamming. Do you respond to spam?

Of course not. And neither do employers.

First and foremost Personal Marketing is good Marketing. For over twenty years I have been a marketing professional. I have been employed as a marketing professional since 1991.

Since 2001 I have focused on online marketing and can proudly say that I have earned pretty much every penny I have made since then, online.

I tell you this so that you know this advice comes from a professional marketer. I have advised companies on marketing. Much of what applies to a company also applies to you.

So we have already established that Marketing goes way beyond Promotion, but what else does it cover?

In traditional terms we would look at the Product, the product offer, the packaging. We we look at where to place it and position it in the market.

We would look at pricing and value add.

Now at this stage you may think that none of these apply to you as you are just looking for a job but I can assure you all of the above applies to you.

What is personal marketing when it comes to Google?

Google has made personal marketing much more important. It has also made it more feasible.

You can now implement your personal marketing plan effectively with next to no budget. You do not need a small fortune like you did a few years back.

Personal Marketing Plan

You can create a personal marketing plan to ensure that people find you when they use Google and more importantly they love what they find.

There are plenty of people with websites and LinkedIn profiles but they are not getting job offers.

Without a personal marketing plan your website isn’t going to get you job offers. However if you know what you are doing then you can really make your site and Google work for you – even when you are sleeping.

Your personal marketing agent is out there working for you when you are busy doing other things. Just set it up properly and feed it once per week and it will work away on your behalf.

This is the power of personal marketing. It gets results and action where websites don’t. Make sure your site is part of your personal marketing plan.

Personal marketing is also sometimes referred to as personal branding.


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